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Who makes this thing work?

  • Jeff Demers - Owner and Lead Programmer
Individuals who have generously chosen to make monthly contributions. Make your own contribution here.
  • Benjamin Ng
  • Bruno
  • Mook
  • Cody Norton
  • Emanuel May
  • Jerry Crutchfield
  • Jeremy Paris
  • John Harmon
  • K Abson
  • Ryan Quinn
  • Claus Bundgaard Rasmussen
  • Brett Tamahori
  • Alexander Shtanenko
Individuals who have made one-time donations. Make your own contribution here.
Development Contributors
  • Jeff Lauder - Programmer
  • Patricia Gauronskas - Programmer
  • Jeremy Paris - Spotify Curator
  • James Millar - Index Transcription
  • The Index Imp - Index Transcription
  • Brian Thomas - DF8 Treasure Generator web service
  • Communist Doggo - Help Icon Text for Most Screens
  • Weby - Original (retired)Treasure Generator data
Testing Contributors Legal Counsel
  • Georg LaBonte

I love the Calculator! How can I help?

Currently we need all sorts of help! if you'd like to help with any of the following, please email us at

  • Help us code! Always looking for new talent to help make the site better for the good of all the community.
  • Transcribing book indexes for the Index Searcher.
  • Quality Assurance - If you want to help QA our next build of the Calculator let us know!

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Where can I get news about upcoming updates?

Visit us on social media, where we annouse all our going-ons.

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